Carry out the Call for Persistence

If you can run every day, then you have to benefit. If you just want to relax and don’t want to run further or faster your health can also get a boost. Before we start running, we need to address these things. It is okay for people under the age of 35 to continue one check-up or get approval from their family doctor.

Of course you can’t achieve these benefits on the first day, but you shouldn’t be radical. Running is not a sport that is done in one period just to look fit when we wear swimsuits. You can approach the best level as soon as running melts into life and becomes a necessary part of life. So we have to slow down the initial speed. Thus the sentence often appears in our eyes when we browse too many books about jogging. Do the exercises properly. This is perhaps the most important suggestion of this book. If you’re relaxed a bit and don’t push yourself to run farther and faster, you’ll also get a quick fix. At the same time you won’t get hurt. This point is rather significant. The less interval between runs, the easier it is for you to stay in shape.

Before we run, we have to do these things. First of all, it is necessary for us to spend some time examining our health condition carefully. Something unfortunate will happen to beginners if their body is too weak or they just want to run too much or too fast. Our correct judgments must not be influenced by our subjective desires. A training course was established by a doctor from a public university in another state. This training course is to teach adults how to stay healthy. This course enjoys immense popularity. How to start running has been explained by him in the following words. You need a thorough examination from your doctor if you are overweight or prone to high blood pressure. But if you can walk for a mile or two and you don’t have any discomfort or dizziness.

Then you jog thirty seconds and walk a minute, if you still have no discomfort, you may be up to standard. If you have any minor doubts about your health condition, I suggest you to have a heart motion load test. If people don’t take a heart motion load test, I won’t allow them to take part in my training courses and won’t allow them to start doing the exercises. But if everyone who wants to start exercising has to take a heart motion load test, many of them will not be taking part in running anymore. For people over 35, it is okay for them to have their body checked once or get an appointment from their family doctor. For almost everyone before they start running they can do a little exercise.

They can gradually improve their health condition. If there are problems, some phenomena will be chest pain, dizziness or other feelings. After running they rested for an hour. Right now they had no reason to feel tired anymore. If they still feel tired, it indicates that the training was too hard. If such a phenomenon comes out, it indicates that the training is running too hard. Runners should lighten up their running training and reduce their intensity. If we take excessive exercise, we will get no benefit but injury. According to our health condition we can lay out different walking plans.